Saturday, November 2, 2013

One Great Week

Dear Family, and Friends.
                                       It has been another great week here in Devils Lake! We have witnessed many miracles, and the work has grown immensely this week. On Monday last week we had the wonderful opportunity to do service as a P-Day activity for the Mercy Hospital gift shop. They took us over to the Catholic Parrish Center here in town to help set up for a big event they were putting on for charity. It was great to work with all of them, and fun to do something great for the community! We did a blitz on Tuesday with Elder Cannon, and Elder Dibble in the Grand Forks area here in town. We have received many great potentials from that! Donnada is still on date for the Sixteenth, and she is very excited to get baptized! We had a wonderful District Meeting in Grand Forks this week! We got special training from our Sister Training Leader from Fargo. She did a great job, and it was a really fun time at district meeting. We have gotten two new investigators this week! We have a new investigator named AJ, and Barbra. And we have been getting many referrals this week. We have truly been blessed here because of our personal obedience, and diligence in this area. It is really fun to watch this small area rise up! When I first got here it had potential, but towards the end of my training it seemed like all of that potential vanished. But as me and Elder Anderson have been working hard we have seen this area again rise up, and strive better than ever!
                                       Last Sunday me, and Elder Anderson were out walking around when we got a call. It was an older woman named Laura Chew from Jensen, Utah. It was too windy to hear what she was saying outside. So we told her we would call her back once we were home! We got home about five minutes later, and called her back. She told us that she wanted us to teach her friend Barbra who lives here in town. But she then went on to tell us that she was going to be flying up, and attending her lessons. When she was watching conference this past October she heard Thomas S. Monson talking about how we need to reach out to "one person" and share the gospel. Instantly her friend of fifty years (Barbra) popped into her mind. She felt that it was her duty to God to share the gospel with Barbra. So we got the opportunity to teach Barbra with Laura present for two lessons, and we have another tomorrow. Laura Chew is a wonderful example to me of a member missionary. She truly followed her heart and the Holy Spirit more than a thousand miles to Devils Lake to share the gospel. I was very touched with her story that it was hard not to tear up in those lessons. I know that we can all follow her wonderful example and find the "one" in our lives. We may not have to fly a thousand miles to get to that "one". But we all need to be seeking that "one". I hope everything is going well at home! It has already been four months on the mission going on five now! The time is flying past me, I often wonder where it all goes! I love you all and have a great week.

Elder Barber

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