Saturday, October 26, 2013

Service in the community 10/21/13

Dear Family and Friends,
                                   This week has been great! It started off last week on P-day! We went fishing out in Devils Lake! It was really cold, and really windy out there! But luckily we were fishing under the bridge so we could leave our poles mounted in the rocks, and go hide under there! We went back and checked the poles and we both caught a fish! We both caught these perfect sized Walleye! Which Walleye fresh out of the lake is really delicious. After we froze for about forty five minutes we drove back and cleaned the fish and ate them! They were really delicious! Walleye is a lot like Halibut. It's a white fish, and it tastes really good! On Wednesday we got to meet with Donnada, and we had a great opportunity to do family history work with her at the library! We met a great guy named Paul this week when we were out tracting! Him and his family do a lot of service and are active in a christian church just outside of town. But his wife asked us if we could get her a Bible in Spanish. And Paul asked us if he could read the Book of Mormon! So we have great potentials in this area. This week we got to help the Perisho family move to Washington. On our way out to there house our "Change Engine Oil Soon" light came on. So on Friday when we went to Grand Forks to carpool to Fargo we dropped the Cruze off at the Chevrolet dealership to get fixed. We had our ZTM in Fargo, and it was very fun to see all the missionaries again! They gave us great council and help on how to improve our areas! We also got to hear from a member of the Seventy Elder Watson. He gave us great insight on how to become better missionaries, and how we can improve our lives when we get off our mission! We have been really blessed in our area this past week with service! We have been helping a lot around the community and asking people if we can help serve them. And many doors have been open to us because of service. When people see us in service clothes they aren't as intimidated by us. And I can truly testify that service is a wonderful gateway into the hearts of those around us. It will open doors and hearts that cannot be opened any other way. On Sunday it actually SNOWED for the first time of the year! It snowed in the morning, but it was all melted in the afternoon! I got to practice singing with the kids for their primary program next Sunday! It was really a lot of fun! That is all that has been happening in the field this week! I hope you all are doing well, and keeping safe! Have a great week!

Elder Barber

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