Thursday, October 10, 2013

A New Beginning First transfer after Training

Dear Family and friends,
                                 Thank you all for the love, and support that you have truly shown this week! What a good week it has been up here! Well on Tuesday me and Elder Garfield drove our way to Fargo, North Dakota. He had to say goodbye to a lot of good friends of his that he has made here in Devils Lake, and the surrounding towns. We made our way to Fargo and waited about an hour and a half the first bus came and took Elder Salmon to be a zone leader down in Rapid City! We will miss him as our district leader here in the Grand Forks District. We then waited about another hour and a half for the other bus to make its way in. It was funny because it had my trainee on the bus and Elder Smith who trained Elder Garfield. So we had to take a posterity line picture! But I am training Elder Anderson. He is from Rexburg, Idaho! He likes to go fishing, and worked up at the Snake River last summer. He is a great Elder, and I hope I can train him to the best of my ability. My knowledge of missionary work may not be worth to much right now, but I will try to train to the best of my ability. So far training has been going pretty well! I try to help him understand things pretty simply out here. Being out in the field is worlds different than being in the MTC. So far we have been doing pretty well with being out of the house when we should, and working hard until the end of the day! Training has really helped me to break out of my MTC shell, and be a real missionary. With lessons they have been really spiritual, I have noticed that when you share experiences with people, the spirit really comes into the lesson a lot more! We met with Michael this week, and shared with him why we have prophets! And we of course invited him to watch General Conference! 
                                General Conference was great this time around! It is always great to hear from the first presidency, and the quorum of the twelve apostles. It always is good to hear their messages that seem like they are directed to you! I really enjoyed hearing Dallin H. Oaks talk this time around. I hope its not causing to much fuss in Salt Lake. One thing that I got out of his talk was "Whose on the Lords side?" I absolutely loved that talk, and it is a talk that many members of the church need to hear! Of course it does make any missionary homesick to see Salt Lake, and the temple. And one of the choirs had families from Kaysville in it! They did a great job! I can't wait for next General Conference in April! Well that's about all for the week! I hope moving to St. George has been an easy move! I know that it must be hard to leave the Kaysville home. I love you, and pray for you! And thank you for the prayers you all have given! 

Love, Elder Barber   

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