Saturday, October 26, 2013

Luau 10/14/13

Dear Family and friends,
                                   This week has been pretty good! The lessons haven't been as consistent as I like them, but this upcoming week holds great potential for this area! Elder Anderson, and I are still getting along pretty well! We have definitely been feeling the fall air come down from Canada! Donnada is still on Date for November 16th, but we don't have any other investigators on date this week! But we will try to continue to work hard to change that! This week we were biking our way to an appointment and I hit a pot hole, and it popped my tube in my tire! So it was great to get that fixed in Grand Forks this week! As I said it is cold but it is also rainy today! This week has been a great week for doing service! We got to go over to Darlene's house and stain her deck on one of the clear days! I have never done that before either, but it was a fun service project! We also got to go over to Brother Marshall's house, and help him do some house projects! I really think that service is the way to some of the people here! I have noticed that finding and door approaches yield very little success. But when we serve those around us, they tend to be more open to us. 
                                  We got the cool opportunity to go to a Luau this week out in Fort Totten! Brother Story texted us and wondered if we would like to come and help them prepare a luau pig in Fort Totten. It was really fun! We showed up, and they had a big pit dug out for where they were going to cook the pig. We laid rocks down in the hole (the rocks help hold the heat) and put wood over the top of them. We then laid more rocks and another layer of wood. We started to build the fire,and that was a challenge for us. But when we finally got the big fire going it burnt really well. We then went and hooked the chicken wire together so we could wrap the pig. And covered him in lettuce. We returned the next day and had a lot of pork! And our freezer is now full of pork ribs, and we have a ton of pork chops in the fridge! But that is all that is going on this week! I hope everything is well at home!

Love, Elder Barber 

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