Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Know Where We Face 10-6-14

Dear Family and Friends,
                          Thank you for all of your letters this week! It has been a great week out here! This week I got to go on exchanges with Elder Nixon who is from St. George. He lives on the opposite side of town kind of by the In-N-Out Burger. He is an awesome Elder to be with! We had a lot of fun on that exchange. He wants to make a list of fun things to do when he gets back! He is awesome! When I was on exchanges with Elder Nixon we got to teach Janessa. She reported to us that she had relapsed into smoking and drinking tea due to some stress she was going through. But she said she is done, and I believe she is still clean! So that is good. It is fun to see how excited she is! When Elder Bench and I were teaching her this week I was called upon to say the opening prayer. In this prayer I asked Heavenly Father to help Janessa to prepare for her baptismal date. When I said the word "Baptismal date" she kind of squealed for excitement, and tried to contain her excitement. It's amazing to see her excitement for this baptism! And we are excited as well we just got to help her stay clean this week and forever after that! We got to teach Monty this week, and we committed him to watch conference! And he kept that commitment so he is progressing along! This week in Conference we as a zone were challenged to ponder the question "How can I contribute to the zone to help it be more unified?" As I pondered this question the talk "Know where we face" (given by Elder Lynn G. Robbins at the Saturday Morning Session) stuck out to me! I had to ask myself "Do I know where I face as a missionary?" I could think through some things that I did well, and also that I need to work on. I hope we all can ask ourselves the question of "Do I know where I face?" Some questions to ponder could be "When I have an opportunity to share the gospel, do I do it? " "Do I reach out and help others in need?" These questions can help us know where we face in life, and whose side we stand on. It is crazy to think that it has been two years since that lowering of the age for missionaries. The world has been affected for good because of that announcement. When that announcement was made I started telling everybody "before the conference the mission seemed off in the distance, and now I am staring down the barrel over night." And now here I am two years later and I am staring down the barrel of coming home. Sure it wont happen for 8 1/2 months. But the time is slowly trickling away from me. It is weird to think that by next General Conference how little of time I will have. But for right now I need to know where I face and keep serving. I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Barber  

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