Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Starting strong 10-20-14

Dear family and friends,
                         This has been a great start to this transfer, and also a great a start to this Zone. I explained a little bit in my last letter of the night we arrived. But on that night we met with our ward mission leader at his home. He set his expectations for us, and to paraphrase his message to us he basically told us "get ready to go to work." And he has lived up to that since. The other sisters in the ward have been giving us names of people to go try such as less active or inactive families. The ward mission leader has been bringing us names to go find and contact as well. We have been trying to contact less actives and inactives all week. So the ward definitely started us at a fast pace! We have also in our free time been trying to organize the zone such as assigning miles to areas, bridge calls with District Leaders, Bridge call with the Assistants and the other Zone Leaders, and trying to find in our spare time. I guess it would be an understatement saying we are "busy." But I am thankful to be this busy in this part of the mission. It is for sure a lot more hectic than Devils Lake. But I am enjoying being back in North Dakota. For some time in Casper I was getting a little North Dakota home sick so I am happy to be back. This week I came to the knowledge that the Elders in Devils Lake are working with a lot of the same investigators I once taught. It is hard not to call them every night and ask them how they are all doing. But I have set a personal goal to focus on Grand Forks and the Zone. So I don't associate much with the Devils Lake Elders. I figure the Lord is working and guiding them in that area, and I shouldn't try to micromanage their area. Donnada might get set on a date this week, and if she does you can bet I'm going to that baptism! But we will see what happens. We have been seeing some success in finding. If we are out trying less actives and we get into their apartment we usually end up finding in their apartment. And we have been seeing a lot of success with that. Just yesterday we found a guy named Jameson while we were out knocking doors. He invited us in and we shared the Restoration with him! He is like 21 years old and living with his parents. He told us his parents wouldn't be too interested in having the discussions go on in their home. So we are meeting him tomorrow at the Church! So cross our fingers that it goes over well!! We also went finding last night around 8:30 and we were seeing great success in the apartments we were tracting. There was a lot of promising people we found. So we are being blessed by the hand of the Lord out here. It is amazing to see such progress in the Grand Forks area! When I first got here back in July of 2013 there was only two sets in all of Grand Forks now there is 4 in the city alone. So the Lord is hastening his work in this region of the mission. And I am thankful to be on the front lines of that work. Well I am glad to hear that all is well at home! Thank you so much for your letters! 

Love, Elder Barber   

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