Friday, January 16, 2015

The final four. 1-5-15

Dear Family and Friends,
                  It has been a great week! And an awesome end to a transfer! On Sunday I started my final four transfers. I have really enjoyed serving here in Grand Forks for these past 12 weeks! I have to admit it doesn't feel like 12 weeks have passed by at all. But they have and they have been awesome! Well I am sad to say that on Saturday we got a transfer call. Elder Cannon was called to go to Dickinson, ND to finish a training for a new missionary. The reason he is finishing a training is because the New Missionaries trainer got called to be the new Assistant to the President (he was previously a Zone Leader.) It was really sad to get that call. I was hoping Elder Cannon could finish his mission up here (he only had 6 weeks left.) President Anderson told me that Elder Smith will be my new companion. Elder Smith was in the MTC with me when I came out! He is a pretty great missionary and he seems to work hard and be obedient, which is always good! But here is the deal. Usually they have the Senior Zone Leader train the new Zone Leader for two transfers. Which in our case can easily be done. But since we both have 4 transfers left I get to train him for two, and I will pretty much be for sure transferred. And then he will train a new Zone Leader for two transfers and finish his mission. So that means I will probably spend my last 12 weeks in a different area. But that's okay I am going to enjoy the next two transfers! I love Grand Forks! It is a great place, and an awesome Zone! I am very excited for the next two transfers! We did really well this past week with getting members at lessons! We came away this week with 5 member present lessons! Which is usually what we got in the Casper 5th ward. So that is some improvement. Honestly it has been a struggle to get people to progress here. We still haven't set a date with John Larsen because his Grandparents from Fargo who are non-members had him stay down there for the week! So that has been rough trying to meet with him. We had a great new year! It was sad to wave goodbye to 2014, but it was awesome to welcome 2015 and all it will bring! I hope you all are doing well this week! Next week I will not be writing on Monday, but probably Thursday again. Due to MLC next week! Well I love you all!

Love, Elder Barber  

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