Monday, May 18, 2015

The Merge. 5-18-15

     Dear family and Friends,      

           Well we are off to the start of the last transfer and week 1 is in the books forever! Elder Price and I worked hard all the way up until Thursday, and then we sent him and Elder Winger to the van. So they are now officially home, and my last transfer has officially begun. So far it has been pretty good! And it has been raining a TON here. I feel like the Lord is really blessing this land. The farmers really needed it around here. They may have been praying for rain a little too much because it doesn't seem to be letting up. So far Today there hasn't been any, but I don't want to speak too soon. I am ready for summer to arrive! It feels like it showed it's face for about a week and winter is indecisive as always. So I may not get another summer on my mission. Maybe I will just finish in the cold rain. But that's alright! It has been pretty busy taking on the other areas work load. It seems like we are currently in the "lets figure out how we're going to do this" stage. And we have Zone Conference coming up this week so we probably wont figure this thing out until week 3 of the transfer possibly week 4. Lately it has been a tad bit discouraging with investigators falling through. It seems like getting in with people is becoming more and more difficult. Hopefully it becomes a little more easy to teach people. It seems like the adversary is really playing a role with our investigators. But nevertheless we will continue to work hard and try to do our part. I personally feel like you can sometimes relate your mission to the Saviors life. I feel like for a lot of missionaries the final transfer of their mission can be a trudge to the finish. I feel like the Lord is putting me through the final trial of my mission. I know this final transfer will be amazing, but I personally feel like it will go out with a final battle. But I know if I follow the Lord to the end he will assist me to win the battle. We are still teaching over 20 lessons a week. Which is awesome! But they are all hard fought lessons. In other words we have to fight to get there. But I love my calling no matter what struggles we are going through. Well that is about all for the week! I love you all and have a great one!

Elder Corey Barber

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