Monday, June 15, 2015

One more month. 5-26-15

Dear Family and Friends,
                   It has been an awesome week! I can't believe today is my 23 month mark out of 24. That absolutely blows my mind. I never thought I would be able to say that, but the day is here. We had such a sweet Zone Conference! It is always a trip to get to Fargo from Aberdeen. It is a total three hour drive one way. It was such a beautiful drive up on Wednesday. There was a sweet lake that I really enjoyed driving next to. It's called Buffalo Lake, SD. For some reason it was totally beautiful the day we were driving through. But on the way back it was cloudy so it wasn't as beautiful on the way back. But we had an awesome Zone Conference. The spirit was VERY STRONG. Like after the meeting I could feel the spirit burning in my heart for the rest of the day. It was crazy. I got to give my "final testimony" to my fellow missionaries. I don't know why but I was so nervous to get up and bear my testimony. I kept thinking to myself "this is the last testimony I get to bear to my fellow missionaries." But I prayed that I would be able to loose my nerves, and bear a strong testimony. And when I got up I was totally fine and I felt like it went over wonderfully. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Eckley in Fargo for a couple of days. It was awesome to be serving in the Zone Leader position again! It totally brought me back for a couple of days. It was good to spend time with Elder Eckley. He goes home one transfer after I do. So it was good to talk to someone who is in the same boat as I. But we had a great teaching week this past week! So far we have hit 22 lessons each week! The Lord is truly blessing us! This week will fly by. And we have another trip to Fargo on Friday June 5th for my last Zone Training Meeting. It is crazy how fast it will be from right now to then. But I love the work pace in this area. It truly is helping me finish my mission the way I have always wanted to. Well I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Barber

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