Monday, June 15, 2015

Finishing fast 6-8-15

Dear family and friends,
                  What a great week it has been. We are diligently working up here in Aberdeen! It seems to me like each week is a blur, and they all mesh together very well. This morning I actually woke up and the comforting thought came to me saying "Get up, it's P-Day!" and in that moment I thought to myself "Are you serious? Again?" Right now it just feels like P-Day happens, then a crazy fast blur of a week, and then P-Day again! We are starting to weed out a lot of investigators. It seems like we have just dropped a lot of investigators this week. Some of them were trying to convert us to there religion. You could say it didn't work out the way they were hoping. I think one of the biggest successes this past week is working with the Karen Members. I have absolutely grown to love them this transfer. Last transfer it was kind of hard because I didn't know how to communicate with them. But since the tragedy they have had we have all become very close knit with them. To me it is almost like being with my own family when I am gathered with them. The Father of the Family's name is Eh Poe. I absolutely love Eh Poe. A part of me wishes I could just take Eh Poe and his whole family with me when I come home. Every time I am around Eh Poe you can just feel the goodness he has. His kindness and his love for his family just radiates off of him. I will definitely miss the Karen families I am privileged to serve with. We also were able to get the Hinton boys on date for the 4th of July weekend. I wont be here at the time, but I am so excited for them! This past week I had my last Zone Training Meeting. That was very weird for me to think about. It was also very hard to take the trainings seriously being so close to the end. But Elder Mitchell and I are trying to apply as much as we can from them. This upcoming week I will also be going on my last exchange of the mission. I will be with Elder Carter (who is currently serving in Valley City, ND) down here in Aberdeen. It is weird to be finishing a mission. It is weird to think it is all coming to an end, but I am so excited for the future and everything it holds. I love you all and have a great week!

Love, Elder Barber     

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