Monday, June 15, 2015

One last chance 6-15-15

Dear family and friends,
                      Thank you all for the wonderful emails! I have had a fantastic week...also a very busy week! It seems like the Lord is really helping me to stay busy! We are seeing a lot of great successes. We have officially put the Hinton Boys on date for the 4th of July weekend! Or possibly July 3rd (we are going to work out the extra details later). Those two boys are so prepared to be baptized. One is about 12 and the other is about 10. They know so much more than I did at their age! They are super ready to be baptized. It's now just a matter of making it happen! We are also helping out our investigator Jason! He is doing so much better now. We have truly seen a lot of progression with him over the past couple weeks. He is making a lot of great changes in his life, and we are helping him see those changes. Elder Mitchell and I can both tell he is enjoying this Gospel. It seems like Service is really taking a toll on us. I would say the Lord has been filling those "blank" hours of the day with awesome service opportunities! This upcoming week we have a pretty packed schedule as well. Tuesday is the only free day we have in the area. Wednesday we will weekly plan, and probably end up helping people move. Thursday we will be out in Britton, SD to help a member move. Friday we will be up in Jamestown for District Meeting all day. And Saturday we will be out in Eureka doing work. So this week is going to fly by! It is amazing how fast the mission has gone. Yesterday I was pondering about my time in the MTC and that feels like Yesterday. But when I really think about it that was a LONG time ago! I am happily working to the finish! I am excited to see you all next week! That is still weird for me to say. It doesn't feel real to me. But I look forward to being back in Salt Lake, and see all the family again! I love you all and have a great week!

Love, Elder Barber 

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