Monday, July 15, 2013

First letter from the field

Hello!! I have officially made it to the mission! We got up at like 4:30 at the MTC and we got on the bus and drove to the Salt Lake airport! It was really weird to see that there is still people alive outside the MTC walls! We got to the airport, and I was really happy to talk to those I had the opportunity to talk to! We got on the plane and it seemed like forever until we took off, but it was really cool because we flew right over the top of Kaysville! I waved goodbye to everything and everyone there! It made me a little homesick but as we flew over the mountain I knew it would not be the last time I see Kaysville! We got to Rapid City and President and his wife were waiting for us outisde the doors! It was kind of awkward because president hugged me and stepped backwards to let some people pass so I accidentally tackle hugged him! I guess that showed that I was really enthusiastic to be here! We went to mission home and it was really pretty it overviewed a beautiful lake. To be really honest I would not mind to stay there longer! But that night the A.P's and president met in his office with the blinds closed and gathered us all in a room. We knew he was assigning our new areas! It was just like getting another mission call because nobody knew where they would end up! Finally they came out and sent all twenty two of us in a million different directions, but he said that I would be assigned to serve with Elder Garfield in Devils Lake, North Dakota! I was so excited to come up to a lake town in North Dakota! We got on the transfer train the next morning (the transfer train is really a big van like we rented in Nauvoo). We drove for fourteen hours before it was my stop to get off in Jamestown, North Dakota. Elder Garfield met me there and we drove up to Devils Lake after we navigated out of Jamestown. We got to Devils Lake at like midnight. So it was great to wake up at 6:30 the next morning! We walked all over town for the whole day in the warm sun! We got to talk to a lot of people along the way! I love this town so much! It is this small green town with really kind people. It seems like every other person we talk to is interested in hearing our message! We got to eat with this investigator named Mina. She is from the Philipines and cooked us some really good pork with white Spaghetti! Her house is across the street from a big Canola field and it is gorgeous! I have been working on talking to people on the streets all week, and I seem to be getting better. We had a really spiritual lesson with Mina and it really got me excited for the work for two years. We then went to this Motel where Jay lives! I love Jay, he is this really nice black guy in his fifties and he is beyond cool! We taught him the same night as Mina! It was really spiritual! I know this church is true and I am excited for the work that is going on here! I know that this gospel has the power to change thousands of lives and the Lord has hstened his work! I am really happy out here and pictutres should come soon! We have seen many miracles out here in the field and I know God hears us! I will pray for Uncle Mark and I hope God is watching over him!

Love Elder Barber

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