Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello Family,
So it has been another crazy but great week in Devils Lake, but it has also been a great week! This week we have had plenty of lessons that we went over our goal! That is a big blessing from last weeks humbling numbers. We drove all the way to Grand Forks (like we do every week) for our district meeting. Grand Forks really is only a very short 90 miles away from Devils Lake. So it definitely stacks up our monthly miles getting there and back. And we figured out that we had gone over 85 miles in the car for the month on Sunday, but no worries the district leaders still had 185 miles left in their car so it wont hurt us. I love how driving 90 miles here is a short distance, the closest neighboring town is like 35 miles away. And it really isn't a big deal when someone says lets drive there 50 miles and back. So it will be crazy when I get back to Utah where all the towns are only a few miles apart and like five minutes away. Recently they just had Fort Totten days here, Fort Totten is an Indian Reservation town just about 15 miles away from our house. Indian tribes from around the world gathered there for this big event, they do a lot of pow-wows and rain dances, and people say it is really amazing to go watch them. But of course since we were so short on miles I missed this big yearly event.

We were walking home from a lesson that we had with an investigator Edith. The lesson didn't really go how we wanted it to go so we were just lost on a bunch of questions. But I looked up at this building here in Devils Lake they call it the "high rise" and at the top they have this penthouse apartment. And so I knew that one of our investigators named David was moving up there so it got me talking to my companion about David. My companion took the moment as a prompting so we went to visit David and we found him miraculously outside his apartment. We discovered that he needed help moving so me and Elder Garfield decided to help him and his son Patrick (age 17) move into the high rise. Their apartment is huge is has three big rooms and a penthouse and they have an abandoned floor to store all the stuff you could imagine. But we helped them move a little that night, and we then helped them move all the big stuff the next night. It was quite the adventure because we had to haul all the stuff up a ton of rickety old stairs where the wood was really warped. I didn't really feel safe moving anything on those unsecure boards. I think Dad would have gone crazy to see all the building flaws with these stairs. But the next day Brother Marshall from the Ward referred us to help these friends that work at his hospital who needed movers really bad. We got to move all of there stuff and they couldn't fit there nice Ashley furniture sofa in there house so we had a nice apartment donation this week.

 I hope the dog is doing okay as well, I had a nightmare the other day that he swallowed a razor blade so make sure you keep the bathroom floor clear of razor blades. I love you all and I think of you a lot! Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I would love to hear from them vie email or mail service.

. I love you all and talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Barber

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