Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Only 3 days left

Dear Family,
It has been a great and crazy week here at the MTC! As the new zone leaders we got to welcome all the new Elders and Sisters on their first day. We also got to give them a tour of the campus and explain how everything works! It was kind of crazy to think that a week ago I was in their shoes wondering what was going on, and now I am the one showing them what to do! I love receiving your dear elder letters, you know its a good day at the MTC when you receive a letter! But at the bottom of every letter you send me it also sends a letter to an Elder Cole Barber who is here at the MTC, so you might want to email Dear Elder customer service and try to get that worked out. I absolutely loved Matt´s story about helping that old man! He may not know it now but a few months from now that story will bring tears to his eyes as he remembers that old man, and what a great blessing he was in his life. I love the story of Ruger pushing down the button to stick his head out the window! I want to advise you that you got to be careful with him and his own windows he´s tried to jump out a few times when I took him on drives. I hope the dog is doing okay, and I hope he is back to normal! I love hearing about Payton, Kael, Claire and Owen. Tell those children that I love them, and I hope they are all doing well and not getting hurt....or sick.
I heard that the mission president has sent you as the parents an email about the rules in the mission. I also heard they want you to write to them about me. I honestly am looking forward to monday I am the travel leader and it kind of sounds like a stressful job! I cant wait to talk to you on the 8th it will be around eight thirty in the morning when I call so mom please have your phone ready because I dont have anyone elses number memorized. Also mom I may have to use my debit card to pay for baggage I still have a lot of money here but who knows with todays luggage prices! Yesterday I had a class from eight in the morning all the way to five thirty at night with small breaks. Lets just say I had a small headache last night after that much class! Then we had a hymn devotional for thirty minutes, and afterwards we watched seventeen miracles. I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes and was near crying for a lot of that movie! And afterwards I physically was exhausted because the spirit was that strong. Around this time of year we need to be appreciative to those who sacrificed everything they owned to make it here to the great state of Utah that we live in. They gave up land, all their money, and most of them even had to watch their own children or spouse die on that trail. Let us rejoice around this time of year that we live in a great country that many payed a great price for. I would like you to start posting my mail address once I get to the mission on Facebook and the Blog because as of Monday I can only email Family. I am learning and growing much here at the MTC and I thank you for all the support and love from the family! I enjoyed hearing from every one of you! Please send me some pictures soon of the great time your all having around the fourth of July! I sent some pictures as well please write to me to confirm you got them! When you next hear from me I will be in the mission field! I love you!!   Elder Corey Barber

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