Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last week of the transfer

Dear Family, and Friends
                                      It has been another great week, and we are on the last week of my second transfer! I have almost been out in the field for 12 weeks! My training is almost complete, and at the end of this transfer me or my companion could be anywhere. On Saturday this week we get transfer calls. Me and my companion might just be staying another six weeks together, but we never know! It has been really hard with investigators lately it seems as though some of them are idle in progression or going in reverse. So we have been really stressing the finding lately! It is really funny yesterday we were walking down a sidewalk that had like four people on it. As we continued down the sidewalk two people went in their backyard and two of the others said goodbye real fast and totally got out of the way. The people here tend to already have a strong opinion about us one way or the other. Donnada had to push her baptismal date back we are now thinking in November. Last week on Thursday President and Sister Anderson made a surprise visit in Devils Lake! It was very uplifting to hear from President and Sister Anderson. We had interviews with President, and he gave us both some really good counseling. And we got to talk to Sister Anderson who asked us all bout sickness and what we have for medicine. We also on the same day got a new dresser for the apartment. Well I hate to keep it short but it looks like we are almost out of time here at the library. I was glad to hear about the dog. And I was glad to hear about how moving is coming. I hope Dad enjoys his new job! Not much has really been happening this week! I love you and I hope you all have a great week! I am excited for conference that is coming up!

Elder Corey Barber

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