Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The weeks fly Faster

Dear Family,
                This week has been a pretty slow week. It has been raining like crazy up here! It rains at night and the lightning flashes every two seconds. And it is always great when it rains hard enough and it bangs on our air conditioner hanging in the window. I call them the nightly drum sessions. We are still looking forward to Donnada to be baptized on the twenty first! Elder Garfield has taught me and trained me also on how to play the piano. So I can now officially read sheet music! I can admit I'm still learning how, but I can read the music on the paper and translate it to the piano. Our primary program is in October and we are actually doing a duet with the kids. They want us to sing the second verse of "I am a Child of God" with the little primary that we have. My companion may not be here when that happens. So it might just end up being me having a duet with the little kids. But we will see how transfers will go this time around! As far as winter clothes go I don't necessarily need them right now. But it would be nice if you could send me some wool sweaters so I can hold in the heat when fall rolls around. And you can send me our GPS if you want to it would be really helpful! Also if you have a duffel bag that would be nice as well I am going to need something to carry my workout gear in when being transferred. And the bike trainer collapses so it is easy to lug around.

         This week we had our zone training meeting down in Fargo. It is always crazy when we have to go down to Fargo, because life is just such a fast pace down there! There is actually such thing as a real freeway system and exits. And its a pretty huge city it has more than one hundred thousand in it. But our zone training meeting was great! They are definitely changing how things are ran in our mission! It is all because of the hastening of the work. I also found out that if every member of the church were to convert one non-member person a year by referring them to the missionaries the world would be baptized in nine years! Of course that is thinking really high in the clouds but that is a really cool fact! We also visited Wade and Vonette again! They are just really cool people with lots of sweet stories! Wade used to work at Salt Lake International and load bags for some airline, and he can tell you all kinds of stories about SkyWest and airplanes. We weren't able to contact our referral while down in New Rockford, and we can't get a hold of her. But just right after visiting Wade and Vonette we drove eighty miles to our dinner appointment to Mina and Darryl Johnsons! Mina is one of the best cooks ever! She used to be a professional chef in China so she always cooks us three course meals! It definitely leaves you pretty full after! After our dinner there we went next door to their neighbor Uncle Tom to show us his "hunting lodges". He has like six mini silos and he has converted them into lodges. I took a lot of pictures that I will try and get to you. On our way back from Mina and Darryl's we were hitting frogs like crazy on the highway! At night the frogs come out of the mini lakes we have here and come on the highway. We usually miss most of them, but occasionally you will find one hopping and you here a tiny thud on the wheel.
               In this new Ensign magazine we got I really loved the first presidency message this month. I also found it a funny coincidence that it is on "seasons", and that is what Dad emailed me about. I would encourage you all to go and read it. It is very important for us to be saints all seasons. No matter what life throws at us we must move on with faith in God. Sometimes our season is good and we are living life happily, and others are hard to press through. But we must remember that it is the hard times that build us, and if we press forward through those hard times with great faith our testimonies can grow immensely. I hope all is well at home, and I hope nobody gets hurt while moving from our Kaysville house. I love you all, I am still pressing forward even in this rainy weather. I swear before you know it Devils Lake is going to be underwater.
Love, Elder Corey H. Barber  

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