Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quin Zone conference

Dear Family,
                 This last week has absolutely flown by out here! It was a pretty good week lesson wise. This week has been also very humbling as well! On Tuesday we had to get up around five thirty in the morning and book it to Grand Forks to arrive there before eight in the morning. It was a really foggy drive the whole way! We picked up Elder Salmon and Elder Davis in Grand Forks and then we headed straight to Fargo for our Quin-Zone Conference! It was really fun to be around the other Elders and Sisters from all over North Dakota and parts of South Dakota! We were very lucky to hear from President Snow of the Seventy. He definitely focused on the Holy Spirit, and how we work with it. He made a very interesting note that stuck out to me. He said that the Holy Ghost is the member of the Godhead who we get closest to. It is very important that we let our investigators realize this, and also less active members. They had a lunch their and the cooks who volunteered to be there were thanked by all the missionaries singing "called to serve". It looks as though Donnada is pushing her baptismal date back a little. She is still not married, and we don't know when that will be yet. I hope I can see her get baptized before I leave this area (whenever that is). Transfer calls are coming next Saturday. So they might be holding your package at the mission home for a little while to ensure it finds me. I will most likely not be transferred, but it is possible! I don't know yet and I wont know for two weeks from today! We got to have dinner with the Story's this week! They have become pretty good friends for us in this area. They have a daughter that is about Peyton's age. They also paint these action figures that go to a board game, and I have to admit they are pretty impressive! We also met with Ernie this week. Ernie is a less-active member who is Philippino! He always has candy in his house, and every time we go over he always gets us a huge bowl of peanut M&M's! He teaches me and my companion a little Tagalog every time we go over! Last time before we left he had us try this Phillipino nut called a Pili Nut. He also insisted that we take the entire box with us. Their kind of good but super funky at first.
                 We had our third Sunday pot-luck yesterday! The reason they have them is because we always get a visitor from the Stake Presidency on the third week. Because they have to drive really far we decide to feed them! I do love how church works here its only two hours and every third Sunday there is a pot luck! And I'm pretty sure Lake Region is the only branch that does it that way. I will admit the mission has been getting slightly harder. It seems like it is really easy to get scared entering some homes, because of the potential situations that could go on! It has definitely opened my mind up to a whole new world that you don't see living in Utah. I never knew what a "broken home" was until I have been out here. And it truly makes you thankful for the normal life you had growing up. Last Saturday was the Devils Lake High School Homecoming so we saw a bunch of people all dressed up over town. For a split second it actually made me miss High School. But the mission is a great place to be! No matter what problem I am facing out here in the field I am thankful for the Ensign article "The Healing Balm of Hope".   I know that if I follow the guidelines in that article, I can become a better missionary. I know that there is always hope for us. No matter how hard the situation is there is always hope. I love you all, and it is amazing to receive your letters! I know that before I can blink out here I will already be in my last area in my last week. I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing week!

Love, Elder Barber

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