Saturday, July 26, 2014

Big transfer. 7-21-2014

Dear family and friends, 
                      This has been another great transfer out here in the Casper 5th ward. We really saw the Lord work in our area. I believe this has been the biggest transfer for teaching that I have ever seen. Transfer call Saturday was an exciting day. Most everybody predicted that I would leave. To I think everybody's surprise I am going to be staying another six weeks out in the Casper 5th Ward. There was a mix of emotions that came over me. One part of me was looking for change and a new experience. The other part of me didn't want to leave all of this behind, especially the great members down here. Regardless of the mix of feelings I had on the inside I heard the spirit tell me to not dwell on my feelings and get to work. Excitement filled my heart and I committed to work harder this transfer than any other transfer so far. Instead of battling with emotions the Lord wants me to stay, and the Lord wants me to work. And that is the plan for the next six weeks is to work. We have an exciting transfer ahead of us! We have put Erika and Aaron on date for August 11th! And they are looking forward to that date. They said they want the Elders to baptize them. So it will be another great experience to baptize another person! We are still working with Tammy, Drew, and Ashley! Tammy was out of town this past week so we couldn't get her to Church! I am also really excited this Transfer because Elder Anderson the Elder I trained back in Devils Lake has become a District Leader here in the Casper Zone! I am really excited to work with him this transfer! Well I hope that all is well at home I love you, and have a great week!

Love, Elder Barber 

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