Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blessed. 7-28-14

InboxCorey's Mission Letter and Pictures
Corey Barber
to me, Conco
6 days ago
Dear family and friends,
                      Thank you so much for all of your letters this past week. We had such a great first week of the transfer! This transfer I wanted to work as hard is I could and push hard to reach high goals and break personal records. This past week was a great blessing! We had a lesson with Erika and Aaron we taught them the Word of Wisdom. Both of them knew this lesson was going to come sooner or later. The lesson went over really well, and it turns out they have been trying to quit drinking tea and coffee this past week! At the end of the lesson Erika and Aaron pulled out all of the tea and coffee in the house and we put it into a glass bowl. After we gathered it all we went out and threw it on top of their garden for fertilizer! It reminded me a lot of the Boston Tea Party. If I were to give this event a name I would call it "The Casper Tea and Coffee Party". Tea and Coffee may not be good for the body or the belly, but it sure is good for your tomatoes! We also got a new investigator named Norm. His wife was recently Less-Active and is trying to become more active. Norm has had the discussions before, but he feels like maybe he should get baptized. So we will give it a shot! We sure do have a good fellow shipper for him! We took Brother Munger over to his house, and he loved him to death! And when I say love I mean that after the lesson was over he had to go hug him. You know you have a good fellow shipper when hugs are given! Norm is pretty cool he has a huge guitar collection. He told us that every time we come teach him he will show us a new guitar. Last time he showed us his "Jetson" Guitar. It was pretty retro and cool looking! He told us of see through guitar he has! I can't wait to see that one! When we were taking Brother Cassity out teaching with us we were able to get in with Brian again. He has been doing awesome with his Book of Mormon reading! He is already in 2nd Nephi. It is just a struggle to get him committed to come to church. He has a concern with organized religion. We tried to address it to the best of our abilities, but he still would not commit!  So we will continue to work with him and try and get him to try it at least once! We know that if he does come to church he will be able to feel the spirit if he comes! Last night we also got in with Erica. We thought she was a really solid potential, but it turns out she is an inactive member of the Church. She wanted us to drop by so we could teach Mike her non-member husband! We were actually able to talk with Mike and Erica for a little bit! She said she would give us a call when she would like us to come over! We hope she comes through with that! We really would like to begin teaching Mike! Well that is about it for this week! I love you all, and have an excellent week!

Love, Elder Barber

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