Saturday, August 23, 2014

Getting by. 8-11-14

Corey Barber
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5 days ago
Dear family and friends,
                       It was an alright week out here! It was kind of a slow week. We have the awesome members out here in Casper who are always willing to come teaching with us. But when we take them lessons fall through. So it was a really hard week that we just had to get by! We did end up teaching a lot of Less Active lessons which are just as good as any lesson! So all in all we taught ten lessons. Two of them being investigators. We taught Tammy this week. She is still struggling with the Word of Wisdom and it is very hard to get her to commit to church. We will continue to work with her, but she needs to start progressing or we will have to let her go. We weren't able to meet with Taylor and Cynthia this week mainly because they were in Utah. For a part of the week, and when they told us they could meet they didn't answer the door. We have been working with Ronald who is a less active. He is not less active for the typical reasons. Some of those reasons are members being offensive, and over stepping their bounds. Some reasons are they don't see how it can bless their life. There are many reasons why people are less active. Ronald is less active because of health reasons. It limits him to come to church sometimes. There was a period where Ronald was coming pretty consistently to Church. So the thought came to me "lets get Ronald to the temple". So we visit him twice throughout the week every week. And we read over the temple preparation booklet. The progression with Ronald has been amazing these past few weeks. He has actually located his floppy disks which have his genealogy on them. And he took them to Church yesterday, and he stayed the entire three hours. At this rate he will be able to attend the temple by next year. We are also visiting with Sister Groso. She is an older lady around 80. She has been a member her whole life, but went inactive at a young age. She still doesn't go to Church for personal reasons. But we visit her twice a week as well. She is a widow and she loves our visits! But she tells us she wont come to church, but she loves the feeling she gets when we teach her. So hopefully the Spirit will work with her enough to convince her to come to Church one of these weeks. Yesterday evening we had a General Priesthood meeting. Stake President Smathers announced that the Church has purchased land here in Casper. He didn't specify for what reason. But it was really exciting news! Well that is about it for the week! I love you all and have a wonderful and safe week!
Elder Barber

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