Sunday, September 28, 2014

Starting the Transfer Strong. 9-8-14

Dear family and friends,
                 This has been a great weak out here in the Casper 5th ward! It was weird starting off another transfer in Casper. I will try and enjoy this area as much as possible though the members are great, and I know there is a work for me to do. This past week we had a meeting set up with Monty McDaniel. We were just  a tad late to the lesson, and he called us up asking "are you coming? I have questions!" We apologized for our delay and got on our bikes and cruised on over to his apartment. When we got there he reported to us that he had been reading in the Book of Mormon. He was re-reading 1st Nephi so he could better comprehend it. While he was reading the overview of 1st Nephi at the beginning of the Book he got caught up on "The Daughters of Ishmael". He wanted to know who the Daughters of Ishmael were. So we had to give him a little overview of 1st Nephi. But it was awesome that he was reading and actually putting forth an effort! We taught Monty about the Word of Wisdom and he's got some things he will have to work through before baptism. But he has a strong desire to come to Church and he feels that this is all true! We have been teaching Janessa this past week! She is still doing pretty well! Recently her boyfriend Justin has returned from Job Core in Montana and is living in the same house as her. But he should be going back up to Montana soon. They assure us that there is no Chastity issues right now. But we will see how things will play out over the next couple of weeks. Well that is about all for this week! It is great to hear that you are all doing well. I hope the rains don't wash you all away this week! 

Love, Elder Barber 

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