Monday, February 10, 2014

Far away in the West 2-3-14

Dear family and friends,
                                 It has been such a great week out here in Devils Lake. We have truly been staying busy for our last week of the transfer. It was a pretty decent teaching week. We got to have a great lesson with Michael and Samantha. Michael had been doing some soul searching about out church. We went over not knowing what to really say or do. But as we listened to Michael and his concerns we were able to answer his concerns. Me and Elder Anderson were certain he was going to drop us and tell us to hit the road. When we went to the lesson he told us he hadn't gotten an answer yet. His girlfriend Samantha was sitting in the room with us. We turned the focus on her and we started asking her questions. Before the end of the lesson the spirit was strong, and Samantha agreed to learn with Michael. It truly turned that whole lesson around. I am so thankful for the spirit and the aid it gives us missionaries. We were going to meet with Donnada this past week, but a sickness prevented it. As far as lessons go it was a pretty good week to end the transfer on. We also got to visit a new less-active member that we found named Omar. We gave him a Book of Mormon and every Sunday we plan to meet with him. 
                                 Friday was a great day. It started off with area calls from our Zone Leaders. Right as I hung up the phone and got my tie on the phone began to ring. It was a call from the Assistants to the President Elder Cunningham. Well I knew a transfer would most likely come this time around. And he asked me all the typical questions. After that he told me that I am being transferred. I didn't want to ask where but I finally did. He told me that I am being transferred to Casper, Wyoming to be a district leader in the 5th ward! He told me I am going to be in the most LDS populated area in the mission. I was really excited to be out in a town full of missionaries and members again. Mostly my number one question to him was "Do they have mountains in Casper?". He then asked me where I was from. I told him Kaysville, Utah. Then he told me that compared to what your used to Casper has "hills" At this point and time I will have to take whatever I can get! It will be nice to shed some layers and go down to the warmth of the high thirties. Yesterday was hard we had dinner appointments where the Super Bowl was going on in the other room. It was very tempting for me to not go in and watch my team beat up on the Broncos. But I knew that if I didn't watch it would be a secured victory! And it was! I would like you to send me a Seahawks CHAMPIONS hat. Mainly because I predicted this coincidence years ago. But not only that I want the world to know. THAT IS MY TEAM. It was kind of hard to celebrate my companion is a hard core Broncos fan. He had been giving me a hard time the whole week. I chose not to return the trash talk. My team did that for me. But sadly with a huge victory I can't celebrate too much. I will have to focus on it when I get home. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Barber 

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