Monday, February 10, 2014

Fun week In Casper 2-10-14

Dear Family and Friends,
                       Well it was a great, long, hectic, and chaotic week in the mission field this past week. Of course last P-day was spent packing all of my stuff and trying to fit in the new stuff. I actually ended up putting all of my bedding and some other miscellaneous items in a trash bag. So seeing that I am in Casper, Wyoming I will be buying a small suit case at Ross. We made our way to Fargo on Tuesday Afternoon to meet the "transfer train" (AKA: Big Mormon Mover Vans) I remember a feeling of relief as I put all my stuff in the trailer and we sped off to Sioux Falls. It was fun because Elder Cannon my old District Leader in Grand Forks is the Zone Leader in Sioux Falls. So we packed about fourteen missionaries in the Zone Leaders apartment that night to sleep. It was a long night of sleep on a rock hard floor. But early in the Morning we made our way from Sioux Falls all the way to Rapid City. We had to stop for gas probably five times in between. But the transfer train was a lot of fun. Their was some Elders going home and they were all really funny. I felt extreme joy as the landscape around me turned from flat plains to hills to small mountains of the black hills. My old District leader Elder Salmon (who is a zone leader in Rapid City) got to drive us the whole way to Casper in another van. And I was even more excited when we started driving through actual Canyons! I was happy when I could finally get to Casper and get off. I met my companion Elder Hardman. He is from Ibapah, Utah. He is an obedient missionary who likes to work hard. So I can't complain about that. He has a total different personality from my last jokester companion Elder Anderson. But I don't see any conflict in him. It is funny because every time he tells someone where he is from they always reply with "Where is that?" But we share a car with Elder Guyman, and Elder Heninger. And they are really funny missionaries and we always have a good time being around them. Me and Elder Hardman met with the Dickerson family when we first got here. They had three boys who were on date for baptism the upcoming Saturday. It was a spiritual experience for me to see their recent convert father baptize the three of them. Even though I only taught them two lessons I was just as happy if I had taught them from the beginning. I absolutely love our ward. They remind me of the Webster Meadows Ward of Casper. All the members are really nice and they fill our meal calendar every week. Well I love you all, and I hope you all have an amazing week!

Love, Elder Barber  

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