Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blessed 5-27-14

Dear Family and friends,
                   We had a really great week out here in Casper! We had a wonderful Zone Conference with President Anderson. That was really good to see President, and hear the inspired trainings given at the Conference. I was asked to give a training "Teaching with your companion in unity". I felt like the training went over well. It wasn't perfect, but I feel like it went over well. But I really loved the other trainings given. The main focus that I got out of Zone Conference was just becoming a better missionary. All of the trainings and talks worked together. And it gave us a step by step instruction on how we can be better missionaries. It was a very uplifting conference! This past week we got to see David get married to Cynthia! That was a really exciting day! He is looking forward to his baptism this upcoming Saturday! Micah is back from his fathers funeral in Utah. The kids are all living with their mother here in Casper. Their Mother showed up here in Casper about a week before the accident. She moved up here so she could be close to the children as well. So they are staying here in Casper and in our ward. So we will get the opportunity to see Micah baptized this upcoming Saturday as well! This Saturday will be a great day for us! This past week we had a dinner appointment with the Goodman family. When we called to confirm she told us that her friend who is interested in hearing the discussions will be at the dinner. And since Sister Goodman lives in our area we are now teaching her friend Alesha. She has been really receptive to the discussions! And has accepted the invitation to be baptized. The Lord is truly blessing us here in Casper! 
                    There is a lot of times when we can evaluate our lives, and count are many blessings. When we count our many blessings we truly see what the Lord has done in our lives. We may ask, where did all these blessings come from? And if we really think about it the answer will always be our faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though we are not always perfect if we continually repent and try to be better every day the Lord will pour out a blessing upon us. I can truly testify of these things. I have a testimony of this Gospel. I know that as we remain faithful and endure to the end it will all be worth it. I hope you all have a great week and I thank you for each and every prayer! Congratulations to all of the graduates at the end of this school year! Until next week!

Love, Elder Barber  

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