Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Full Week in the New Area 4-13-15

Dear Family and Friends,
                       It has been good to get into the swing of this area! I love it here! This area really keeps us busy! This past week I hit a personal mission record of a 7 lesson day! So it was crazy busy and full! One of the days we went up to Oakes, ND. It is a town that we cover here in Aberdeen. It was fun to get to know the members up there, and teach the investigators up there. We are working with a couple up there named Betty and Jason. They are awesome we just need to see how committed they are before we baptize them. They didn't end up going to church so we will have to follow up with that one! But we also are working in the town of Eureka, SD. In that town we are teaching the Hinton family. The parents are members and I think some of their kids are baptized. But we are working with they two young boys who are 11 and 9. They have been taught everything, but we just need to pin down a date for them. It's hard because the Dad is always out of town. And they are still trying to figure out who will be baptizing them. So we have a lot of work there! Something I love about my mission is you pass through all of these little towns and each one has its own "claim to fame." On our way out to Eureka we passed through this town called Leola, SD. Their claim to fame is they are the "Rhubarb capitol of the world." I have never seen such towns take pride in the littlest things. Leola is a town of maybe 200, and they are the Rhubarb capitol of the whole world supposedly. And then we got to Eureka and Eureka is the hometown to the man who started USA today newspaper. This is clearly stated in Large letters on their town sign. Each town without fail has it's own claim to fame. Aberdeeen is the hometown of the Wizard of Oz. The man who wrote the story of the Wizard of Oz wrote it in a house that you can find just across the street from the Library. It's pretty funny. I am loving the mission! We are trying to work as hard as we can with both of our missions coming to a close. I am thankful that the Lord has given me a strong desire to finish strong! We are still working with Camille! It was awesome we had a great lesson this past week with Camille. We brought Brother McQuillen with us, and she loved that he too was a convert of the Church. And Camille came to Church this past week! She seemed to really enjoy it! And her daughter did really well at being reverent the whole time. We are also working with an investigator named Paw Say. We put him on date for May 2nd. We feel like he will be able to reach that date! So we have a lot of good things happening in our area. There is a lot to keep your head up for! I am thankful for all of your letters and support! I love you all and I hope you have a good week! The church is true!

Elder Barber

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