Monday, April 20, 2015

Miracles Happening. 4-20-15

Desr Family and Friends 

                      It has been a very great and eventful week! The warm temperatures are here and it feels awesome! All of the farmers were very happy because we have gotten a little bit of rain this past week. Hopefully we have more to come! Even though this region of South Dakota looks like one giant wetland apparently it's a "dry" year. The wind here is INSANE. When it blows it almost knocks you over! Good thing we don't do a whole lot of walking here I might blow away. The members here are pretty awesome! The longer I am here the more of them I meet, and they are all pretty awesome! It is always funny when were at Dinner appointments they always look at Elder Price and say "I know you're almost done with your mission." And then they look at me and say "So are you new? Is this your first assignment?" And of course I give the response. "Actually Elder Price has been out one month longer than me." So they are always shocked to see two OLD missionaries serving together. This week we had a strait up MIRACLE happen. We have this investigator named Camille. She has come to church once and is seriously investigating the gospel. All of her friends and family are telling her "don't go to the Mormons!" And they tell her all sorts of rumors that we have to clear up. She has a friend that gave her a book that has a whole chapter about Mormons (anti material). She intended to read it and also read the Book of Mormon. One day we were driving by her apartment and we saw her sitting in her car with the door open. I felt like we should go talk to her so I had Elder Price pull over and we talked to her. We had a good conversation for 25 minutes or so and we left. We got a text from her about an hour later saying "well I guess I wont be reading that book my friend gave me. I left my daughter alone in the house while she was napping and apparently she woke up and shredded that book to pieces. And the Book of Mormon was laying beside the shreds peacefully, still open to the page that I left on." It was cool to literally see the Book of Mormon break down the walls of pride. It was a true MIRACLE! And we are meeting with Camille tomorrow night! We hope to put her on date for baptism soon! Another miracle was I survived three meal appointments yesterday. After Church we had our third Sunday potluck. And immediately after that we had a Qurin birthday party we got invited to. And people from Thailand like to feed you well. It was really good food I liked it! And about an hour and a half later we had a dinner appointment with the Vensils. So you could say we were stuffed. We got to visit with Pawsay last night and we had his Sister Paw Htoo translate for us. Which made the lesson really nice because PawSay Doesn't speak English fluently yet. So we knew for sure he was understanding what we were saying. But he is still looking awesome for May 2nd, and he wants the Bishop to baptize him. So there is a lot of awesome things happening here in Aberdeen. Well that is all for this week! I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Barber. 

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