Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Starting off Strong 4-6-15

Dear family and friends,
                      This week has been an awesome week! Before I left Grand Forks we had an awesome P-Day. Around 8 O clock we got to go see Elizabeth Smart speak at the U.N.D campus. It was awesome! She really told an inspiring and uplifting story. It made you angry at parts but her outlook on everything is incredible! It was really cool! Afterwards we went and got our planners signed by her, and we also got pictures with her. I am waiting for the picture to be sent to me! It was an awesome way to leave Grand Forks. On Tuesday I got transferred so I went down to Fargo to catch the van to Valley City, ND. I got to work out in Valley City with Elder Edwards for the night. Which was cool because I am good friends with him from the Grand Forks Zone! So it was sweet to be with him again! Aberdeen is pretty sweet! The ward here seems awesome! And we drove by the airport and I saw a Sky West bird chilling at the airport! So it made me especially glad to know I can fly Sky West directly to EVERY area I have served in! So that is really cool! We have a dang nice apartment too. It is really new, and it has a washer and dryer unit in our apartment. So having free laundry is always a plus as a missionary! One thing I have noticed about South Dakota so fat is there is a TON of birds everywhere. I have never seen more birds in my life. Pheasants, ducks, geese, random birds EVERYWHERE. Right behind our apartment is a little marsh where you will always see ducks floating on the water. There is one Mallard duck out there that can quack really loud. I don't think I have every heard a duck quack as loud as he can. You can hear him pretty clearly with all the windows shut and were on the third floor. We have been seeing some awesome success in Aberdeen! We went tracting on my second day here and we hit this one door of a single mom named Camille. She has a daughter who is about four and blind. She was really emotional about the savior. You could tell she had a good relationship with him! She is really looking for change in her life, and she says she is looking for a place to go to church. So we are stoked to be teaching her! I absolutely loved General Conference. I am glad that that one was my last conference in the mission. It seemed to me that this last conference was the hardest one to make it through. Every time I see Salt Lake I can't help but think "there's home!" It was hard to endure the fourth conference. But it gave me peace to know that I will be home for the next one, and I will be in Salt Lake soon enough! I absolutely love being a missionary! I'm not the biggest fan of being away from home and family, but I am thankful for my mission and all the things I have learned. I would do it again if the Lord asked me to! I am stoked to finish my mission as strong as I can! This truly is the work of the Lord! I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Barber

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