Monday, April 27, 2015

Time is Flying. 4-27-15

Dear family and friends,

                      How's it going?! I hope you are all doing well. The time is really flying by. It almost didn't feel like a whole week has gone by. Monday comes and goes, and then it feels like two days pass and it comes again. We had such a great week! Each week it seems like the work increases. I haven't seen that since the days of Casper. And I feel like soon the work load in this area will surpass the work load of Casper if the Lord is willing. It is amazing! We were able to teach Camille this week and have Brother and Sister McQuillen present. It seems like Camille really needs someone to talk to so hopefully Sister McQuillen will stop by this week. PawSay is doing really well. It really helps to have his Sister Paw Htoo translate for us. He is doing really well, and we are 98% sure of his baptism this upcoming Saturday! So we are stoked to see him baptized! It will be incredible. We are also working with a guy named Jason. We teach him a few times a week. We actually got him to attend an institute class! Which he seemed to enjoy the fellowship there. Brother and Sister Olsen do a great job with the lessons each week! On Saturday we were able to drive to the small town of Leola, SD (the Rhubarb capitol of the world.) There is a member family there that had a house fire recently. It only fried one side of the house, and nobody was hurt and nothing was really lost. So they were pretty fortunate as far as house fires go. But we got to climb on ladders and rip nails out of the wall, and rip the siding off the house. Lets just say I probably have smokers lung after inhaling all of that ash. We were able to meet with the Hinton boys. They still haven't secured an official baptismal date. They want their Brother to do the baptism. But he needs to get the Aaronic Priesthood before he can baptize them. So it may be a little while. They took us out to lunch in Eureka so that was really nice of them! Sunday was amazing! We had Camille, Jason, PawSay, and the two Hinton Boys were all at Sacrament Meeting! So that is five investigators at church! We were super blessed. The work is really awesome here! It seems like we teach a lot! The Lord is really blessing me with a hard working area for my last six weeks that are coming up soon. Elder Price and I are doing well. I am really helping him stay motivated to work hard, and he is doing an awesome job. I'm looking forward to next transfer. My goal is to walk around and bike around Aberdeen as much as possible so we can drive to the out skirting areas to do work more often. That is my plan of action so far, and I am excited to see how it plays out next transfer. Well thank you all for your letters of support! I really do appreciate it, and all of you! The Church is true! 

Elder Corey Barber

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