Monday, December 1, 2014

Busy week 11-17-14

Dear family and friends,
                        Hello! I hope you are all doing well this week! I write to you from this frozen plane of North Dakota! It has been getting colder every day! Yesterday we hit 10 degrees with a windchill of -6. We then went tracting out in it! That was cold! But I am excited for my blood to get thicker! This way when those twenty degree days come back it will be like summer again! We had a great Zone Conference come through on Wednesday! It was so great to see President and Sister Anderson! They showed us the Meet the Mormons movie! That was an awesome movie! I really enjoyed it! I loved the candy bomber! That was one of my favorite! It brought me back to that Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas celebration we all went to. Where he made a special appearance! That was really fun! And I think the missionary mom always tugs everyone's heart strings. That was really good! I enjoyed the whole movie! I hope soon that it becomes available to missionaries! From Wednesday all the way to Friday was meeting with our Sister Training Leader Sister Eaton at the church. We had to plan very carefully our Zone Training Meeting! It was awesome to just see the meeting grow as we planned it out! The meeting went over super well! Us as the Zone Leadership were very excited to see the excitement and inspiration in the missionaries. We trained on "talking with everyone." That is probably the biggest missionary fear of just opening your mouth and speaking. After the meeting we could feel that the fear was diminishing. We got reports from Sister Eaton after the conference from the First Wards Sisters. They had found someone by talking to them on the street! It is cool to see our training going into effect! We had the baptism of Maliya and Tito! That was awesome! The funny thing is, is they are moving to the first ward out by the air base. So we baptized them and now first ward takes on the responsibility of helping them remain active! They were really excited! And I got to confirm them in sacrament meeting! So that was really cool! It was an all around exciting week! We got in with Elaina again. It turns out when she didn't answer the last time she was called into work! She says her boyfriend doesn't like the whole Mormon thing, but she says that's okay it doesn't take away her interest! So that was really awesome! We look forward to meeting with her tomorrow! Elder Cannon and I are doing great! I really love having him as a companion. I have to admit we get along really well, and he is just a fun guy to be around. But he keeps things obedient as well! Well I love you all I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Barber    

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