Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy to be here 11-10-14

Dear family and friends,
                         How are you all doing? I hope you have had a great week! The reason I am happy to be here is because I am not supposed to be writing you today as usual. Today was supposed to be MLC through tomorrow but they cancelled it this week due to the Meet the Mormons Zone Conference. This week we have plenty of Zone Meetings to host here in Grand Forks. We have the Meet the Mormons Zone Conference on Wednesday, and Zone Training Meeting on Friday! So we will have quite a busy week! I was sad that they cancelled MLC. I here that they are a lot of fun! But that's okay. The next MLC will be held on December 1st. So we have quite a while now. But that will come before we know it! It seems like time keeps on flying faster and faster! This past week we taught Maliya and Tito! They are all ready for their baptisms on this upcoming Saturday! So this will be a busy week with the Zone meetings, and the baptism coming up! But when it is all over hopefully it will be a good week! We got in with Roxanne, and that lesson was okay. But when we tried her back her church was at her house doing a study group, and her female pastor dropped us for her. But we will probably still try back. I'm not sure if it was her decision or her female pastors decision. So we will probably try back. Either that or ask her member friend what really went down. We are hoping we can make it back in with her, but if not she's just not prepared. We found a good new investigator! Her name is Elaine and she lives with her boyfriend and just had a new born baby. But she has been religious her whole life, and disagrees with those churches she has previously been in. And she was interested in hearing our message! So we can't wait to get her coming to church we know she will love it! We are really excited! It has just been a LONG week. Honestly. We have been dealing with people who are interested in our message, but all they want to do is ask a million questions and try and get you to doubt your faith. Which is stupid I already know I have the truth and I can back EVERYTHING we believe in the Bible. So far they have all failed to silence or stump Elder Cannon and I. Which I attribute all of that to the promise of the spirit that we shall not be confounded before men. But hopefully this week will be better, and we will have more success! In our area we are having a lot of success with re-activation of less actives. We have been working with Brother Mackillop and he is doing awesome! Every day at 8 in the morning we send him a text to read his scriptures and he does! And he loves to come to P-day activities if he has work off! Which is a good surrounding for him to be a part of! We got in with a less active named Brother Moore. And the first time we dropped by we could tell he had a testimony of the Church. He is just scared of being the center of attention at Church if he comes back. But yesterday we got in with him and he said he would come to Church again! We just got to make sure people don't overwhelm him. Well I am doing good we are still pushing along out here, and there is plenty of work to be done! I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Barber     

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