Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The gift 12-3-14

Dear Family and friends,
                   Hello! I hope you are all having a great week! I know this is a little different than the usual Monday email. But I have a quick hour to email you all today! We have had a busy week this past week! We had a great miracle given to us by the Grace of God. We were out trying unbaptized child of records. When we past by a potentials home that we have tried many times and been un-successful each time. All the cars were home that they told us to look for so we stopped in to try them. Their names are Jana and Lee. Lee came to the door and we told him we would like to come in and share a Christmas message with him. He asked us how long it would take. We told him about 10-15 minutes. He told us we could come in for 15 minutes and share it with his family before they started their movie. We got in with them and shared with them He is the Gift. The new initiative the Church is producing this Holiday season. The short three minute clip brought the spirit into their home. As we sat and talked with them after Jana and Lee don't really have a church they are committed to. They go to the Lutheran church because it is across the street from their home. But as we explained how the gospel could bless their family you could tell the spirit touched their hearts. They both have concerns for how the world is turning out, and how it will affect their children. We promised them the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way. It is awesome we are actually meeting with them tonight! We have faith that it will go well! On Sunday Elder Cannon, Sister Eaton and I packed up the Jeep and drove all the way from Grand Forks to Dickinson, North Dakota. That took up the space from 3 P.M to 8. And then we all got back in the Car and made our voyage to Rapid City. It was a really fun, and long drive. The culture of people is really different out here. We were just outside of the town of Bowman, North Dakota. When we drove past a guy who was doing a wall sit on the side of his car with his pants around his ankles. I couldn't believe my eyes. People out here get weird when the cold weather comes. But it sure made for a good memory and a terrible visual. We got to Rapid City and since it was P-day we all got to go out to this outdoor skating rink in downtown Rapid City. That was a lot of fun! It was fun to be with the Zone Leaders I did know (which is a lot of them.) We went back up to the mission home after some basketball at the Church. It was sure nice to have a second thanksgiving provided by Sister Anderson and one of their ward relief society sisters. We then discussed successes and concerns of our Zones. Mainly we just talked about goal setting. We got to spend the night in the mission home! And then we had a presentation given by the Assistants to the President on "He is the Gift." We discussed He is the Gift. And ultimately how we can share the gift, and help members to share the Gift. Just from visiting with Jana and Lee and showing he is the gift I have a firm testimony of it. I know the sweet spirit that video brings into our lives, and the hearts it can touch. Last year the Church made a goal of sharing the Gospel with one person before Christmas. I know that it will be such a great Gift to the savior this year as we share the gift with others. The way we can do that is by posting that video on Facebook or any other social media and bearing our testimony of the Savior and how he has been a gift in our lives. This Christmas season let us reflect on the savior Jesus Christ. Let us not only reflect on that babe in a manger. But what that baby became. Which is our savior, our redeemer. The very man who atoned for our sins so that we may have everlasting life. I hope you all experience the spirit as you discover the Gift, embrace the Gift, and Share the Gift this Christmas season. I hope you all have an excellent week, and a safe Christmas season!

Love, Elder Barber

P.S Below is a link to He is the Gift. 


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