Sunday, December 28, 2014

Busy week 12-8-14

Dear Family and Friends,
                   Well it feels like just yesterday I was emailing you, and now here I am! It feels good to be having a normal Preparation Day this week! I believe last email I wrote you all about Missionary Leadership Council down in Rapid City! Now I need to fill you in on the Zone Training Meeting we had. It was all centered on "He is the Gift." It went really well! We trained on the website! And how they can get members involved in sharing the message! At the end of the meeting we had these tea light candles and everyone got one and we had to state why he is the gift to us. As we stated and bore testimony of this we lit our candle. And the Whole room voluntarily shared why he was the gift to them. As everyone shared the room became bright. This represented us carrying this message to fill our areas with light. We then sang Silent night for our closing hymn in candlelight. It was a very powerful meeting! The missionaries all seemed to be extremely excited to go and share this with the world! Following our meeting our ward had a party with a live nativity! It had a live cow, and a real looking manger with goats in it. The members all volunteered to play the roles. Elder Cannon and I got to play the role of 2 of the three wise men at one point! We had to stand there for thirty minutes. Luckily for us it was a pretty warm night! We also had a display of he is the gift in the other room and had pass along cards for members to take. On Saturday we got a new investigator! His name is John. His parents are active members of the church but he is an un-baptized child of record. So we will be working with him which is really exciting! His baptism should be in late January sometime. It all depends on when his family will come to see his baptism. But were hoping for late January! Well that is about all for the week! I am doing pretty well out here! And it has been an amazinly warm winter for up here which I am grateful for! It has been a treat so far! I am looking forward to speaking with you all soon! I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Love, Elder Barber   

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