Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to the lake 11-3-14

 Dear family and friends,
                  Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday emails!! I had a great birthday here in Grand Forks! I went to church yesterday and the Weber State Cross Country team came in and sat in front of us. And included with that team was some kids I knew in High School and graduated with! So it was quite a surprise and a pretty fun random birthday present. It was a lot of fun to see them! Something I have definitely noticed on my mission is the longer you go the harder it is to be homesick. When I said goodbye to these two they left, and I wasn't homesick one bit. It is almost as if the mission is home to me. I'm sure I will be 100% excited to see home, and see all of the family again. But right now I know this is where I need to be! I had a wonderful Birthday Dinner over at the Musgrove home afterwards! That is an awesome family! I actually ate at their house with Elder Salmon back when I was being trained. So I have known them for quite some time. That was good! And the missionaries around me all wished me Happy Birthday and had some pretty funny gifts. They gave me a box full of random things. Such as tiny foam football, mento breath mints (they swore they weren't implying anything), reeses peanut butter cups. Random things like that! It was definitely a good day all in all! Last Monday we thought it would be a good idea to go on exchanges with the Devils Lake Elders. The Elder that I was with Elder Wolfgramm forgot his suit back in Devils Lake. The next day was zone conference and we couldn't just let him go to a Zone Conference with a General Authority present without a suit. So Elder Wolfgramm and I had the great privilege of driving back to Devils Lake! I only had literally an hour to say hello to whoever I wanted to. I called Donnada on the way into town. She was working with Janet at the time, but she made an exception for me to come visit her. We then ran over to the apartment! That was a little bit weird! My nice Ashley Furniture couch is still there! I'm thinking of coming back after the mission and kidnapping that couch! I then went down to visit the Landlord who I became friends with and his wife. They have that Dog named Trump that used to hate me in my early days of Devils Lake. But then became a good friend of mine. When that front door opened you could definitely tell that dog remembered me. He was jumping all over the place and you could tell he was excited I was back! Sadly I only had fifteen minutes with each visit! But it was good to be back! And then I walked across the street to Peter and Cindy's! Cindy was the only one home. But it was funny I knocked on the door and she looked at me and came over to the window and you could hear her say "oh my gosh!" She then opened the door surprised that I was back. Jim and Roxanne weren't home sadly they were busy that night! But perhaps another time! It was a lot of fun to go back for an hour! I felt that, that was a tender mercy alone. It has been a great week! Hopefully I can have another week this good! We were able to teach Maliya and Tito! We taught them about obeying and honoring the law, and teaching and learning in the Church. We invited them to church but sadly they did not come this week! Which was hard to see! We still weren't able to get in with Roxanne this week! But we have an appointment for tonight! So lets cross our fingers! Well that is about it for this week! I hope you all have a great and safe week! I love you! It feels good to be 20 :)

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